WeatherOptics Logistics Report

When you subscribe to our bi-weekly WeatherOptics Logistics Report, you receive an email every Tuesday and Friday morning at 10:30 AM ET with impact forecasts for the 10 most valuable trade corridors in the United States.


The underlying data used to generate these reports is based on our proprietary Road Conditions Index and weather-based ETA slowdowns. The full report includes:


  • Storm Analysis: A breakdown of all weather impacting the United States, the primary weather hazards, and the affected routes out to 7 days

  • Route impact analysis: A breakdown of the 10 individual routes by day of week, the potential road danger, and the expected slowdowns out to 7 days

  • Impact maps: Individual maps by day of week with plotted routes and regions of potential impact highlighted

Our logistics report is completely free for one month –– after that you can continue getting our reports for free by subscribing to one of our other products.

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