We speak in terms of road conditions and power outage threats, not pressure and dew points.

We work with businesses across logistics, financial services, restaurant services, emergency management, academia, and summer camps, to analyze upcoming weather threats and predict impacts. We offer a suite of historical and future weather data combined with our WeatherOptics Impact Index technology.


Part of what separates us from other weather competitors is that we speak in the terms that matter most to you. We take our forecasted raw weather data, run it through our proprietary algorithms, and spit out easy-to-understand and useful weather impact information. Rather than give you data on how much snow is going to fall and when, we tell you how roads will be impacted hour by hour for an unlimited number of zip codes or routes. Rather than give you data on how strong the winds will be, we tell you the likelihood of power going out hour by hour for every location in the United States. We analyze weather and how it affects various operations to give you only the information you need, without any unnecessary extras. 

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